AGE: 34

Georgia, USA
Helena, Montana, USA
Portland, Oregon, USA
New York, USA
Buenos Aires, Argentenia
Rosarito, Baja California, Mexico
Jackson, Wyoming, USA

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And it seems that some things never change.  Instead of robbing drug dealers, Matt Cloepfil has turned to robbing investors.  On January 20th, 2015 Matthew Cloepfil entered into a contract to play poker for online poker affiliate and staking service

Matthew was fronted $20,000 USD to facilitate his move to Buenos Aires Argentenia.  To his credit, Matthew repaid these funds.

However, Matthew was also entrusted with a $15,000 bankroll.  Matthew failed to deposit these funds onto Carbon Gaming, as he was contractually obligated to do.  When confronted about the issue Matt Evan Cloepfil delayed, and then produced falsified documents.  This was easily discovered when comparing the transaction numbers Matthew submitted against the gambling operators logs, which proved the submitted transactions to be over 2 years old.  When confronted with this information, Matthew became verbally abusive and threatened physical violence (something he is rather accustomed to).

Over the next year Matthew withdrew the money he did deposit and subsequently deposited it on multiple gambling websites.  Matthew has claimed multiple times to be broke, yet still manages to deposit $5,000 to various online gambling sites every other month.  He's also withdrawn at least $25,000 from one of these sites recently.  When confronted, Matthew's responses are inevitably abusive statements along the lines of "I have shit to pay for" or "I have 0 dollars to my name right now and have had to steal from the fucking supermarket for food" and "Dumb ass motherfucker I made you money.  There is not a thing you can do about it."

Well Matthew, we beg to differ.  The world and the communities in which you hide will now know about your deceit and theft.  Pay back what you've stolen from us, a total of $15,100.  Once you begin repaying your obligations, we will happily remove this website.

Matthew Cloepfil
Matthew Cloepfil
Matthew Cloepfil



Read His Own Words

Matthew Evans Cloepfil has a history of substance abuse, theft, and armed robbery.  You can read it in his own words here:

Since 1993

This begs the question. Why trust Matthew with so much money?

The answers to this are actually rather simple.  Matthew can be a great person when he wants to be.  Very polite, cordial, and intelligent.  He admitted his prior faults to the world, and to us.  We accepted this, and since we believe in second chances, we gave him one when he was in need.

You see, Matthew Cloepfil was not some random person off the streets, he was a client of ours for over a year. We had helped him to grow his potential and improve his profitability.  We hired a coach for him, we advised him when we thought he was making bad decisions, and we considered him a friend.  When he ran into hard times, we provided him with money and a means to start a new life in Argentenia as well as to support himself financially.

Matthew was a profitable client. However, that does not give him the right to walk out on his $15,100 obligation. Nor does it give him the right to threaten and abuse us verbally and physically.

Matt Cloepfil

Since 1993

Still not convinced this is the Matt Cloepfil you know? Here's more proof:

Family Members Include:

Tom Cloepfil
(406) 465-9340
8310 Buffalohorn Dr.
Helena, MT 59602

Cody Cloepfil
(406) 46501653
415 North Warren St.
Helena, MT 59601

Known Associates:
--- Ben Geisman ---
PokerStars SN:  bambooeater
America's Cardroom SN:  ruvyourongtime
Skype: goodoldbm
PokerStars SN:  mused01
Toufic Reda - Osaka - Buenos Aires


Matthew Cloepfil
Matthew Cloepfil
Matthew Cloepfil
Matthew Cloepfil

Since 1993

A typical conversation with the delightful Matt Cloepfil

Annotated for your convenience.

In case you ever think of doing business with Matt Cloepfil, this is the type of behavior you can expect.  For example, we bring you Matthew's reaction to finding out about the existence of this website.  It is interesting to count how many times he contradicts himself in this brief conversation.  He also more-or-less admits to the crime of "multi-accounting" (for those of you who don't know the lingo, that means he cheats at poker).

First, the Skype conversation (his current Skype address is matthew.cloepfil ) prior to the creation of this website:


Matthew Cloepfil
[1] Note the date

[2] Note the date of Matthew's last communication

[3] We ask Matthew if he has any money to repay his $15,100 debt

[4] He states he does not. Apparently he has "shit to pay for"

[5] Matthew begins anew with verbal abuse

[6] Au contraire Matthew, you lend us more credibility with every word you type.

Now lets see how Matthew Evans Cloepfil responds when he realizes we've created this website:

Part 2, the conversation was on Feb 25 - Feb 26, below is Feb 26.
Part 2, the conversation was on Feb 25 - Feb 26, below is Feb 26.

[7] For your protection, as well as Google search compliance, we will redact your passport ID numbers.

[8] It is perfectly legal to post your other identifying information and it will stand.

[9] Making a lot of money? You told us 2 days ago you had no funds?

[10] Admittedly, the URL typo is funny 🙂

[11] Again, we can and will "do shit" to enforce the contract you signed and subsequently broke, resulting in theft of $15,100 USD.

[12] More insults. Matthew has trouble speaking calmly and rationally, and we think this is some attempt to bring us down to his level.

Matthew Cloepfil

[13] Oh you aren't playing PLO? You can't say anything "incriminating?" Sounds like you are renting your account out; a violation of Terms and Conditions in your gaming contacts as well.

[14] More standard insults  and cursing from Matt Cloepfil.

[15] We will accept your payments via  Skrill / Moneybookers or bitcoin.

[16] Once said payments begin to be made, we will gladly remove this website.

[17] "How well you are doing?" So once again, you do have money, you simply do not wish to repay your stake, and thus you have chosen to steal $15,100 USD from your investors.

[18] Once again, you err.  There is much more we can do to recover our funds, and we will take every legal measure possible in order to do so.  You may end this at any time by contacting us and repaying your debts.

Since 1993

So What Is The Purpose Of This Website and What Do We Hope To Gain?

Firstly, we would like Matthew to contact us and work out a payment plan for the $15,100 he owes us.  Should that ever take place, we will shut down this website.

Secondly, we hope to warn potential business partners, friends, associates, and family members that Matthew Evans Cloepfil can not be trusted with your money.  If anyone has questions, feel free to contact us for more information.

Lastly we would like others to know that just because you do business on the Internet, does not mean that you are untouchable, and can simply steal other people's money without consequence.


Professional Rakeback


Matt Cloepfil
Be a man, return the money you've stolen.